Madden 24 Passing, Tips for a Crushing Offensive

Madden 24 Passing, Tips for a Crushing Offensive

Leading the Match with Perfect Madden 24 Passing

In many Football matches, the highlights appear when the quarterbacks throw long-distance passes. When you make an outstanding play on the field, the next part is to score points and lead your team to victory. Buy Madden coins, you can use as many formations as possible and acquire any player. 

This article will help you boost your passing accuracy and increase your winning chances.

Madden 24 Passing

Here, you have the different ways to pass the ball to your receivers. Even if you know how to pick the best plays in Madden 24, you have to choose a teammate on the spot. 

Bullet Passing

The action itself is not out of this world. You need to press the button, and you’ll get throw the ball, searching for your teammate. Still, many players get passing errors and throw one attacking opportunity.  

The trick in NFL Madden 24 is how you position your Quarterback before you throw a single pass. If both of the QB’s feet remain planted on the field, you will increase the accuracy of the Madden 24 Passing.

On the other hand, if you move too much or your opponent gets too close, the probability of a successful play goes too low.

NFL 24 High Passes

Pressing the “LB” or “L1” button as you select your teammate will lead to a higher pass. This passing strategy will help you reach those fast receivers who cover a lot of ground.

The drawback appears when you find how easily you get those passes intercepted. Since the ball travels slowly in the air, you give them some time to adjust.

If you want to improve the accuracy of your passes, you could use the “Left Stick” and redirect the trajectory. If you set the landing away from the defense, you’ll give the receiver a better chance to catch the pass. 

Lob Pass Madden 24

You can perform this way by pressing the receiver button and nothing else. You could wait a while to help your teammates cover tons of ground. You can also use the “manual” direction change with the Left Stick for better results.

Tools like the Lob Pass Madden 24 will reduce accidents like interceptions or turnovers. When you’re learning to play Madden 24, mastering this type of pass on your matches is a must.


Remember to check the position of your Quarterback before you throw the ball. When both feet remain planted on the field, you increase the accuracy of your in-game passing.

Throw Away

Pressing the “Right Stick” will help you throw the ball away. You might find this strategy useless at first, but when you pick this strategy, you’ll avoid losing some yards.


When the play is not running well, emergency plays need to take action before you lose the ball. For example, if the defense successfully blocks all your receivers, and you have no room to run with the Quarterback.

Madden NFL 24 Coins

Outside any player’s skill in this video game, you’ll need to deal with the in-game attributes. Gathering the best Quarterbacks will cost a lot of currencies, but you can always buy Madden coins.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have more ways to improve your passing, you only need to practice these tips on the field. Furthermore, you can view site for more articles about Madden NFL 24.

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